Monday, May 18, 2009

Candy land..... done and done...

Here ya go, shes all shined up and HOT of the assembly line. i particularly liked using the Wagner, classical music has such power. Its kind of random that allot of it hit certain beats. Early today ( very early, i couldn't sleep thanks to some ass riding a very loud Harley down my street several times from 4:05 am to 6:55) I digress. Anyways, after effects decided that it was going to curse me with rendering issues, and mis syncing audio, i was just going to leave out the sound fx, and leave the music as it was from an earlier successful render. Thankfully windows movie maker was able to do what after effects failed to do. Thanks bill gates for making something that's windows based that actually works.

Id also like to ask for some serious, critiques as well.... if your passing through and anything happens to stare you in the face, by all means. I'm also looking for some compositional critique as well, as its something i really need to push. Looking at great films like Brazil, and 2001, you start to grasp how its a dying art. All in due time..

Anyhoo Thanks for watching.
Expect another in a month or 2.

Candy land - Rise of the Candy Valkyrie from jonlambe on Vimeo.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Candy land.....

Updated with some more scenes ... 50% there....... projected end date is in a week , week and a half. if you get the 24 seck version, thats wrong.. it should be 38 seck's long....if so then go here ... stupid vimeo

Candy land from jonlambe on Vimeo.

isn't caricaturing you and your friends awesome