Sunday, February 04, 2007


boob said...

Wow! Great development with the animation here. I went back a took a look at 'em all.

The transformation looks pretty neat so far. Very "Ben Ten-ish" in style/design.

I like the swirls as he appears. They're very quick but I dig 'em. You had two in an earlier version and I kinda miss them both. I like how the pieces all sort of materialize and "form" him though. Music is very fitting in this version with some beats lining up right with the visuals.

If I might suggest - overall in the transformation process you might be able to add a little more punch. I guess it depends on the whole feel of the characters and the short short in general though. You could try getting some different angles on the individual shots. Just cant the "camera" different ways. Certain things could be way more ominous like the very same transformation you have going with the head/face but looking up at his face. Some silhouetted lighting until the eye reveal or something. Maybe the backgrounds could flash a different color/pattern just as the symbiotic transformation sticks in place.

Hmmm...I'm watching it again. Maybe not. It all depends on the feel you're trying to go for. What you have is very clean and I get the feeling the camera is panning up and we're seeing these different parts take shape. It might be disruptive to flash backgrounds or even change the camera angle.

So don't pay too much attention to me :) Just talking out loud like usual.

Very cool. I'll hafta stay tuned to see what develops!

Dave said...

Hey Jon! I'm loving these designs!

ZSL said...

I like how it kinda went to the backround music.
I also like how his jaw formed.
Beautifully done.