Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Art of Animation!

every so often we get a chance to work on something special, and in fewer cases we get to share what that experience was. ( damn you nda's !) Today , one of my cohorts in crime told me that one of my SKUNK FU sequences is on the skunk fu sight. thats right! i dont have to wait a year to show the fruits of my painstaking labors. i still cant post the sequence, because of the nda however i can link you to the sight... god damn i love loopholes.

go to the fun stuff section, and click on clips, then click on the movie clip called sap chase. Let it be noted however that the first 4 scenes are not mine, and the scene where baboon says, " what are you sloths waiting for! get them! was brilliantly animated by my friend and compatriot Matt Taylor.

anyways kids, enjoy!

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