Thursday, February 28, 2008

the art of the rough...... a screen cap from a super rough scene im working on now.... ohh when this new demo is done its gonna rock yer socks.... and as a side not, yes i know the ch model has 4 fingers, and my drawing has five..... i plan to fix that when i build the symbol rig over top of the pose.

oh and i should give a very honorable mention to Justin Coffee, its his superbe character designs that im drawing off of. Recently Gene, myself and the coffeytron sat down, and re-visited the character designs for kid odin. ANd now thanks to coffee's supreme skills i have a fancy new set of characters to work with.

oh and check out his exquisite lady's over at

i don't know about you but im super jealous of that line quality.

Thanks man!

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Justin said...

Thanks for the mention Jon! I had a very fun time doing the designs for ya. Let me know if you ever need anything else, or any help with the animatic still. I know i ended up leaving rather abruptly and we never got to talk about it more. Shoot me an email sometime at