Thursday, February 12, 2009


So as of late ive been feeling myself slip into a bit of an animation funk. Lacking motivation, and wondering if il ever be able to hit that pinical ive been striving for the past 6 years. ( yes i know it takes a long time)

Well in that bain ive decided to anime nerd it up and challenge myself. Naruto as many are aware is a pretty excellently animated show. And as a reader of its manga i decided to try animating a sequence from its newest chapter. Why you say???? because its ridiculously hard. Animated bgs, crazy fx and kiju frogs that get the crap kicked out of them. What more could an animator want. So over the next few month's im going to be putting this together. im leaving a youtube link with the first 2 scenes, and a still of the 3rd. Plus il even throw in a couple chapter pages so you can see what is so terrifying about doing this.

Im also going to be doing up some animation tutorials in flash. Its time i gave back.


the 3rd scene progresses .


Mick said...

ha ha dry those eyes my lad... there is no pinacle... it's like walking up a mountain... 'just over this next ridge' you tell yourself before finding a ridge beyond that ridge... there is no end. You just keep going... that's all there is 'tough shit' is the phrase that comes to mind. People that sell real estate don't go home at night saying 'I could have sold that real estate better than I did' that is what we do... ever climbing...chasing our tails... endless drudgery... they don't mention that in college now do they?

Frosty said...

Very nice! I like what I see