Sunday, December 19, 2010

A birthday present to myself...

This is the first image taken of my new ship.. Titan. Its approximately 30 km long in maya space. I plan on adding a load of tiny detail so that its compatible with extreme close ups... and additionally making both half's non symmetrical. I came across a render farm site that lets you render however much you want for a decent amount of coin a month, so once this baby is all built ( shes about 25% there now) im going to be animating the crap outta this ship. There service can produce about 300% more frames than my crappy home pc, so il have a pretty wide birth to render huge scenes with particles and as many lights as this ship can handle. Currently my computer gets buggy when lights are employed.. so i say let the farm handle it.

Here's a render, and the maya 4 view.

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